First time meeting with MOPS

This week I had the privilege of meeting with the neighborhood Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS). I was unsure of how the group would be - size, type of moms etc. I've also been trying to go for the last 2 months but due to my son or my sickness we haven't been able to go.

The group was meeting at a local Methodist church. When I arrived , I found there to be free childcare for Brayden during the duration of the gathering. This was a wonderful perk of the meeting!

After I dropped Brayden off, I was pleasantly surprised to see what a big group of women there were. I'd say there were about 40 women or more. Many of the women came up and introduced themselves to me. Many of them were very warm and inviting and kind to introduce themselves.

While we were chatting,  I noticed the lavish table of breakfast foods to choose from. Everything from homemade quiches and casseroles to donuts, and chick fil a mini chicken biscuits. There was fresh coffee and flavored creamers in the hallway across from the meeting. They'd thought of everything! 

When we sat down, there was a woman who was a mentor mom with grown kids who prayed for us and then told us of her story of faith. It was very refreshing.

Next, there were activities on our table that we were to fill out and share with the other ladies at the table. The activity asked us a series of questions including, "Whats the worst thought you've had as a mom" and "What's the worst thing you've done as a mom?" It was very refreshing to hear such deep and honest answers from members at the table.

I shared that Brayden had actually fallen off a table and a hotel bed when he was 5 and 7 months old. Both times we took him to the hospital. This was embarrassing to admit but was also freeing to know that I wasn't failing at being a mom. Many moms had stories of scary things that had happened to their children.

I was really encouraged to hear from these other moms things they were struggling with, whether it be anxiety or eating disorders or just being worn out from taking care of kids. 

At the end, 2 different moms asked for my phone number so we could stay in touch and they could tell me about upcoming events.

This was an excellent start to my day! Needless to say, I paid the dues for the rest of the year and am definitely planning on going back. I'm already looking forward to a play date with one of the women I met and her daughter. 

Have you ever tried a moms group? What was your experience like?