Things I'm Crushing On 2

It's about time for those pools to open back up and I'm ready to do my lap swimming outside again. I'm not a huge fan of the normal speedos so I look for one pieces that are colorful and supportive enough to handle a workout. I'm really crushing on this bathing suit from athleta! The hanalaei one piece is $89.00. It looks like the perfect marrying of styles for me, comfort plus coverage and definitely cute!

bathing suit.jpg

I'm also crushing on this shirt dress from Lou & Grey ($59.50). Being a mom I need pieces in my wardrobe that are easy to take on and off and can wear well on my body during the day. This dress looks like both of these things. I'll have to go try it on in the store soon! 

Speaking of easy things, I want my coffee routine to be easy in the morning! I've been switching over to iced coffee with the recent warm weather we've had in Virginia lately. I really like Trader Joe's cold brew. But be warned, you have to get the combination right and truly do 1 part cold brew to 2 parts milk or water for the taste to not be overpowering. But, when you make it right its the perfect Spring pick me up in the morning! They sell this on amazon but its twice as expensive as in the store. In the store it's $7.99 and will definitely last you through the whole week.


My husband Daniel couldn't get the combination down just right so he asked me to get Starbucks iced coffee that they sell at the grocery store. I picked up this guy at our local Harris Teeter but I've also seen it sold at our Target. I was pleasantly surprised by the medium brew taste. I bought the black iced coffee unsweetened and added a splash of half n half and coconut stevia sweetener. 

What things have you been crushing on lately?