Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend here! We started Saturday by going to the gym and doing a good sweat session (Daniel and I each followed our own workout routine). Daniel did a full weightlifting routine while I did about 55 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes of bicycle and elliptical. It was a good way to start our weekend! We dropped Brayden off at the gym daycare and he had lots of fun as always. He's a social butterfly. 

In the afternoon I went grocery shopping and prepared a bacon ranch pasta salad which was a huge hit at the MOPS family picnic that afternoon. We went to the picnic which was in a family's backyard and they did a great job making us feeling welcome. There was tables set up with tarps underneath and play areas for the little ones. They even had a nice swing set for the babies. I appreciated that as Brayden is not walking yet. 

Daniel had fun meeting some of the husbands of moms I meet with at MOPS. Brayden got a kick out of the balloons attached to the tables. He was pretty much obsessed with them and didn't want to be away from them the entire 1.5 hours we were there. Unfortunately, the brisk cold and the fact that Brayden was too distracted to eat dinner made us have to leave early.

It was a good decision though because Brayden got home and ate a good sized dinner before bedtime. I was a bit bummed because I was having fun socializing but the weather really wasn't cooperating! It was chilly to begin with but the wind kicked up the cold a notch more.

Saturday night we put Brayden to bed by 6:45 and then had time for ourselves as usual. We watched A Monster Calls and we really liked it. Spoiler alert, it's really sad! I didn't cry but I was about to. Very well done though, Liam Neeson is the voice of the monster and it was definitely a must see movie. I high recommend!

After the movie, I read some of The Mom You're Meant To Be book. I can't recall who gave it to me but I really like it. Its 2-3 page snippets of advice from mothers and it's really refreshing and creative. I have really enjoyed reading it at night. 

Sunday was also a lovely day. We went to church and the sermon series has been on a hurried life. I'll be blogging on it this week as well. 

I wore a teal and navy shirt Sunday paired with drop earrings that I don't normally wear because I'm worried Brayden will pull them off my ears! They are turquoise earrings my friend Catherine got me when she went on a trip to Spain a few years ago. I love them!


Sunday afternoon Grandma Lorrie and Papa Ron came over and fed Brayden lunch and we all caught up for an hour or so. 

After that Daniel and I took a long walk (about an hour) before dinner as the weather was beautiful sunny and 67. 

Dinner was less than stellar! I heated up Trader Joe's prepared meatloaf which said it came in a tomato sauce but honestly it tasted like ketchup. Not our favorite dinner from them. 

Sunday night we caught up on Fixer Upper and talked. We love that show!

Here's a funny picture of Brayden to bring the weekend together... he just had to double fist his milk AND water. What a nut.

Tell me about your weekend!